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Long Term Effects of Childhood Head Injuries

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is the leading cause of death and disability in children. The most common causes of TBI in children: falls. One cause of the frequency of toddler head injuries is that the toddler’s head is his center of gravity, proportionally larger than the rest of his body, and hence can

The Danger of Falls in Older Adults

Falls are dangerous for older adults. A head injury or hip fracture from a fall can change your life in an instant and take away your healthy, active, independent lifestyle. Plum’s® Proven Fall Safety Helmets and Hip Protectors can help you prevent a fall injury. Take steps today to stay safe, healthy, active and independent with Plum’s® Fall Safety Helmets and Hip Protectors.

Common Misconceptions About Head Injuries In Adults

Every year, upwards of 1.4 million Americans experience a brain injury, as indicated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Head injuries in adults can be caused by anything from a crash to a fall in the shower. In consideration of the fact that some brain injuries in adults can be hard

Reduce Nursing Home Fall Injuries in Older Adults

Fall injuries in medical facilities and nursing homes are a noteworthy threat to the life and well-being of their residents. Some fall injuries in older adults can cause traumatic brain damage leading to temporary unconsciousness, seizures and in even result in death. During an overview of fall risks and how

Keeping People with Special Needs Safe From Head Injuries from Falls

Many caregivers and guardians frequently assume that only children with special needs are at risk for falling but the same can be true for adolescent and older adults as a result fall injuries. No age group is completely safe from

Why These Facts About Hip Protectors for Older Adults Matter

Falls are exceptionally common in older individuals, who may have decreased vision or mobility problems. The troubling increase in the recurrence of hip fractures in older adults led to the development of different

What You Should Know About Common Head Injuries in Children

A preventative strategy is an ideal approach to managing head injuries in children. In fact research demonstrates that most head injuries in children are often foreseeable and preventable. It is probably not a surprise to anyone