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Plum’s® mission is to prolong and enhance the quality of your life. Our passion is to replace your fear of falling and fall injuries with freedom, safety and empowerment. Plum® leads the way in fall protection with innovative protective helmets, award-winning hip protectors and adaptable extremity guards to keep little ones safe, adults independent and to give caregivers peace of mind.
Plum’s® Award-Winning Fall Safety Wear™ has helped individuals of all ages stay safe and active for over 23 years.

Plum Enterprises, Inc. is a woman-owned small business, awarded GSA contract # V797D-40081.

Plum® Beginnings

Janice Carrington, M.S.,  pioneered fall safety when she founded Plum Enterprises in 1983 researching falls and head injury among very young children. After years of research, development, testing and fine-tuning, Carrington invented ProtectaCap® the patented custom-fitting protective headgear for toddlers, the age group at high risk for falls and head injuries.

ProtectaCap® now protects individuals of all ages with many safety, medical and post surgical applications for infants to older adults to our veterans nationwide.

In 1993, Carrington developed ProtectaHip®, the original, award-winning hip protector.  Carrington spearheaded awareness and research in the incidence, morbidity and mortality of the hip fracture epidemic among aging adults. To meet the specific needs and preferences of individuals at home and in healthcare facilities,  Carrington designed five distinct ProtectaHip® styles.  Plum’s®  ProtectaHip® received the American Society on Aging Award in 2000.

Plum’s®  ProtectaHip® is the Simple Solution to the Serious Problem of Hip Fractures. — The American Society on Aging

Plum® Sets the Standard

For over 23 years, Plum’s® fall safety products have successfully prevented head trauma, hip fractures and fall-related injuries.  Plum’s® fall safety wear lines include ProtectaCap® , ProtectaCap+Plus®, the advanced fall safety helmet,  ProtectaChin® , ProtectaHip®, the original award-winning hip protectors, ProtectaHip+Plus®, and ProtectaWrap®, unique adaptable protective splints with targeted fall protection.

Plum® specializes in empowering individuals to enjoy and maintain healthy, active lifestyles with comfortable, proven, dependable Fall Safety Clothing.

Plum® sets the standard for falls safety –from head-to-toe– with products engineered with only the highest quality of materials for safety, and exquisitely designed for comfort, style and durability. Plum’s® unique products have multiple patents, patents pending and registered trademarks worldwide.

Plum Enterprises has been awarded “The Best Protective Headgear” for Plum’s®  ProtectaCap® for the last 25 years. 

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Janice Carrington has been awarded the 2019 Most Instrumental Fall Protection Businesswoman – USA